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AI Natural Language Solutions

Sketch-Thru-Plan (STP) is a technological advance for today's warfighter that enhances cognition by implementing military doctrine driven, AI based task recognition that automatically perceives planners' implicit higher-order intentions, on the fly, generating Tasks, Task Matrix, Synch Matrix, and other OPORD products with minimal additional user input. This is accomplished via Robust multimodal Natural Language Processing that fuses user’s doctrinal speech and sketch for COA creation, seamlessly integrating plan outputs that drive simulators for tight adjudication loops and C2 systems.


What we offer:

  • SDKs for Automating and Extending STP

  • Services to integrate STP into third party systems

  • A standalone STP planning workstation

  • C2SIM Development and Consulting Services


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STP capabilities are configurable so in the future, we will be building versions for Public Safety and Emergency Management team to allow access to plans at speeds not seen before. 



Hyssos Tech LLC™, a Natural Language company, creates AI Assistants for C2 by turning natural speech, sketches, and handwriting into actionable data for C2, Simulators, C4ISR & GIS systems.

Offering AI solutions, including Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Computational Linguistic techniques to extract meaning from combined human sketches and speech

Founded to continue the work and bring to market a 10 year DARPA funded software solution (Deep Green) our Sketch-Thru-Plan is a doctrine-based, natural input paradigm and technology, bypassing complex UIs by fusing speech and sketch for COA creation to enhance Training, Simulation, Wargaming and C2 automation of planning information at all echelons. 


Today our US and NATO military clients are helping us define and build the next generation planning workstation with the goal of providing the premier planning solutions for military and public safety clients across the globe. 


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