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Click one of the ancient battle sites to get started (Chrome, Edge, Firefox browser)

The Siege of Troy (1190BC)  The Battle of Hastings (1066AD)  Battle of Yorktown (1781AD)  The Battle of Waterloo (1815AD)

Battle of New Orleans (1815AD)  Battle of the Alamo (1836AD)  The Battle of Gettysburg (1863AD) Battle of Stalingrad (1942AD) 

Operation Desert Storm (1991AD)  Bogaland (NATO CWIX)

Quick Start Instructions below


Welcome to Plan Canvas

Superior Planning for today's Warfighter

Plan Canvas is an introduction to Sketch-Thru-Plan (STP) Server providing a glimpse into the full API. 

JavaScript SDK GitHub repository

Plan Canvas is only an app sample but highlights the simplicity of an unencumbered surface enabling the creative process of planning with freehand sketching and natural language (spoken military doctrine).

As with any NLP system, you need to know what to say so we provide basic instructions and sample script below to plan a complex Course of Action with STP Server in a matter of minutes. In the full STP API, you will have access to 1000s of units, facilities and tactical graphics as well as a search tool to help you find any graphic and to configure your own speech.

If Plan Canvas interests you, contact us to get a private training session and to learn about the additional capabilities with the full STP Server API.

Only one rule to follow

Rule #1 - Click mouse before *speaking the military unit or tactical graphic

 *Computer microphone must be enabled (boom style headsets work the best)

<---Quick Start           Demo Script

Units / facilities

Try  This: (Points)

  • ‘Infantry’

    • or ​'Armored', 'Stryker', 'Artillery', 'Special Forces' (SF), 'Military Intelligence', 'Engineering'

  • 'Enemy Infantry'

    • or 'Unknown' or 'Neutral'

  • ‘Infantry Brigade

    • other echelons (e.g. Platoon, Company, …)

  • ‘Infantry Company Alpha Two Six Nine

    • (or any appropriate designators)

  • Challenge Level: ‘Anticipated Infantry Platoon Bravo One One Five Reduced

Tactical lines

Try This: (simple line)

  • ‘Phase Line Blue

  • ‘Forward Line of Own Troops’ (FLOT)

  • ‘Line of Departure Line of Contact’ (LDLC)

  • Company boundary'

  • ‘Supply Route'

  • 'Anti Tank Ditch'

  • 'Triple Strand Concertina Wire'


Try This: (Harpoon Lines)

         (narrow barb = narrow line)

         (wide and long barb = wide line)

  • ‘Main Attack Seattle’ 

  • 'Supporting Attack'

  • 'Counter Attack by Fire'

  • 'Air Axis of Advance'

Tactical areas

Try This: (Areas)

  • 'Objective'

  • 'Objective Wildcats'

    • Try Blue, Red, or Green

  • 'Assembly Area'​

  • 'Assembly Area Bravo'​

  • 'Mined Area'

  • 'Radioactive Area'

  • 'Obstacle Zone'

Multipoint Tactical Graphics

Try This: (3-point V bend)

  • 'Attack by Fire Position'

  • 'Ambush'

Try This: (Open-Circle)

  • 'Secure'

  • 'Isolate'


Try This: (4-point U bend)

  • 'Bypass'

  • 'Clear'

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